We worked with Oracle to design their Social Network app over a 3 year period. Over that time, we worked on many variations and provided over 1,500 design assets.


A little history

Oracle is the standard in computer technology hardware and enterprise software products. Over the past several years, they’ve made a huge push to integrating all their apps through the Oracle Cloud. With a host of software products, they decided to build a new social networking and collaboration app for businesses called the Oracle Social Network (now called the Oracle Social Cloud). The Oracle Social Cloud is a secure enterprise social network that connects business processes, enterprise applications, and content — as well as Oracle’s other cloud-based software applications.

“A collaborative culture gets people involved, which in turn creates a more engaged workforce. Many organizations struggle with dangerously high levels of employee disengagement—and that has serious financial impact. Oracle Social Network addresses the collaboration gap by providing tools for people to collaborate, network, drive decisions, and update data—all woven directly into the systems they use every day: Oracle Applications Cloud.”

Over a 3.5-4 year period and through a very collaborative effort, we helped the California-based technology leader diagram, wireframe, and design its collaboration platform with an emphasis on user experience and strong visual design.



This project was very complex. When we started working with Oracle we began by creating flow documents to organize how the app was going to work.



During the course of working together, this project went through several revisions and evolutions. Initially, it was called OnTrack. Below you can see some of the initial brand identity and logo designs we came up with for OnTrack.


Layout exploration

During the initial phases, we explored various layout options to get a feel for how users would interact with such a powerful app. Navigation is always such a key element to user experience that we felt significant time and emphasis should be spent on exploring options.



We provided over 1,500 design assets to Oracle for this project. In addition to interface designs, they also included a UI kit, icons, mobile designs, widgets, and Outlook integration designs.


Rareview was instrumental in the creation of the Oracle Social Network product, which is notable for its leading design and broad set of mobile, tablet, and web clients. When we sought to build a product which would provide a level of design which would match that of leading consumer applications, we were fortunate to be able to work Rareview. They worked closely with our product organization to help deliver the wide range of visual assets we required to build our product. I recommend that you consider Rareview if you are looking for a leading design agency.

Josh Lannin, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

Rareview provided the visual design direction and assets for our web, Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop clients. They did an excellent job of interpreting each new feature in the form of wireframes and proposing creative and aesthetically pleasing visual designs. The team was responsive and easy to work with.

Ana Chang, Senior User Experience Designer, Oracle