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We've worked in virtually every industry with great companies both large and small. We'd love to talk about how we can help you design a better user experience, create effective integrated digital campaigns, and build trustworthy brands.


Industry: Tradeshows & Events

vFairs is the leader in online virtual events. Our objective was to build a beautiful, modern, and clean new website that is focused on lead generation.


Industry: Consumer Products

Our goal with this site is to create excitement and interest in a new kind of drink. Since XALE is about chilling out, and not getting energy, the site navigates horizontally instead of vertically and focuses on the ingredients and the brand.

XALE Drink - Consumer Products


Industry: B2B — Promotional Products

The promotional products industry is littered with clutter. Our goal with PersonifyPro was to simplify the site and provide a better experience for users. Customizing products is very simple and the site is responsive (RWD) so it works on mobile devices instantly.

PersonifyPro - B2B Promotional Products personifypro-mobile-flat Visit Website Go


Industry: Social Networking

Vouchd is a free social network where friends share reliable services and get referrals from one another. Thus, trust is of utmost importance. As such, we wanted the brand and interface to convey a trustworthy feel.


Staff Me Up

Industry: Staffing

Staff Me Up is the leading source for production jobs. They find the right people for TV, film, and digital using their unique and proprietary Match Meter, which instantly pairs employers with the right people using a complex algorithm that is fast, effective, and powerful.



Industry: Military

Aethercomm’s products are technical in nature, but the end result of what their products do is beautiful. They make hardware that saves lives. We wanted to convey that on their website. We started with various comps and ideas.

aethercomm Visit Website Go


Industry: Travel

Ajungo helps you plan a trip through social connections, so the concept for the site centered around travel and getting recommendations from friends on where to go and where to stay.



Industry: Travel

Beachscape has a unique search criteria to help users find the best beach vacations. However, we didn’t want the complexity of the algorithm to impact the site in a negative way. Our goal was to simplify the interface and let the backend do all the heavy lifting, letting users focus on finding their beach.


Blue Numbers Securities

Industry: Finance & Banking

The goal of the BNS website was to create something modern and beautiful. The pages feature large scaling images and when you click the continue button, we slide the next page over for a beautiful transition. The site is available in both English and Spanish.


Charity Dreams

Industry: Entertainment

The idea of Charity Dreams is simple; every person can bid a small amount of money to win prizes that include hanging out with A list celebrities. The concept for the site was “Hollywood” (Lights, Camera, Action) and we feel this was accomplished.



Industry: Social Networking

The concept for this site centered entirely around asking questions and getting answers. The twist is that it’s all location based.


Colosseum Athletics

Industry: Fashion & Apparel

Colosseum Athletics does not sell directly to the public, so their site is about showing off their latest styles through lifestyle photography. We designed the site and did the initial photoshoot for one of the clothing lines.



Industry: Construction

The goal for the Eagleview website is to effectively illustrate how their products work. To do this, we created custom illustrations that visually demonstrate how their products work.



Industry: Charity, Fashion & Apparel

Loaded with purpose and goodness, Givebug products are made to look good and help others in need. Their commitment is that 20% of every sale will be donated to local organizations that work tirelessly to help others. We simply wanted to support their cause and design a beautiful, functional website that achieves this goal.


Gracie Academy

Industry: Martial Arts

We have recognized Gracie as the leader in their industry from the first time some of us started taking classes in their main location in Los Angeles. For their website, we wanted to convey their long history of success by telling their story. We did this though photography, an animated timeline on their homepage, and the overall design and style of the site.

gracie Visit Website Go


Industry: Healthcare

InquisitHealth connects patients using peer mentoring in the healthcare sector. We designed a site that helps people connect.



Industry: Food & Beverage

Quickly order food online using Mealeo. To help stop hunger, A meal for a meal™ campaign donates a meal to a local food bank for every order placed. We designed the site, logo, CMS, and entire back-end ordering system (which sends emails and faxes to the restaurants when orders are placed).

mealeo-logo Visit Website Go


Industry: Photography

We helped Photopinion craft a brand and a beautiful site that focuses on constructive feedback and amazing photography.



Industry: Publishing

Publir provides superior advertising logic to superlative publications. Rareview was hired to create the brand and the online presence.

publir-logo Visit Website Go


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Curated by Rareview

Get hand picked insights and opinions on important design and marketing news every Tuesday. Personally curated by the team at Rareview, our newsletter informs, inspires and entertains.