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Rareview is a digital design and integrated marketing agency located in Orange County, California. We help companies build brands and connect with customers. We create, connect, and build relationships through digital marketing, integrated marketing, social media, and SEM/PPC/SEO.

We believe that a good digital marketing strategy centers around telling stories and involves helping companies find customers, connect with them, and build lasting relationships. Through a mix of strategy and hyper-targeted accuracy, we move customers through a defined marketing funnel to purchase.

How our digital marketing orange county agency uses social media to connect with customers.

There are a lot of questions about how to engage customers on social media and what that really means to a brand or retailer. The thing companies really need to address is content. Just like location is critical in real estate, with marketing and social media it’s content, content, content.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are we extending our brand’s ethos?
  • How are we defining our brand to our customers?
  • How are we being honest about what our brand represents?
  • Are we producing original content as a thought-leader that is valuable and actionable?

Too often companies get caught up in the posting race and they post whatever they can get their hands on: images of products, promotions, short videos, tradeshow pictures, staff luncheons, and everything in between. They post in hopes of gaining that valuable “like” or “follow”.

However, those kind of posts trigger a disconnect in the messaging across the brand’s channels (email, search, TV, print, direct mail, in-store, video, mobile, etc.), which doesn’t help answer any of the questions above, or provide insightful content that can be digested, interpreted, shared, and used. So, where does this leave the customer? Confused, annoyed, and not really connected to what the brand or retailer stands for.

How can you tell if your social media followers are interested as opposed to apathetic or bored? To figure this out, gauge their levels of engagement. Are you getting likes? Those probably won’t get you too far. Shares? A little better. Regular commenters? Even better. Measuring your level of customer engagement is just like measuring a real-life friendship. When was the last time you talked? What kind of feedback did the other person give? Basically, you want to put yourself in their shoes to determine whether your social media content is up to snuff. If you wouldn’t be excited to read it or click on it, you have your answer…and they won’t be either.

This brings us back to the most important aspect of content marketing, which is storytelling.

Most companies don’t do enough storytelling. People tune out advertisements, but everyone enjoys a good story. To get your brand understood, you need to present a well-rounded, exciting, and engaging story about who your brand is and not what your brand sells. Your approach needs to be authentic.

What channels can you use to do this? Any major social media platform. If you can present your brand visually, image-centric platforms might come in handy (platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram). Facebook might be the best place to post your newest blog posts, and perhaps you should use Twitter for small updates, coupons, sales and so on. Each platform can play its part in telling the story. It’s up to you to know what that story is and integrate it into all your messaging.

So the big question is — what kinds of posts drive engagement? In order to organically grow your social communities you must create content that is personal, not cold and objective. Marketing experts say this all the time and it’s true — customers buy from people, not from faceless logos. Content should always serve, entertain or inform. There is no benefit to regularly posting content that overtly attempts to sell. Your brand’s story will sell naturally once people get to know it.

Remember, details are what make a brand memorable. Any retailer can offer a discount or a special, but guess whom a customer will choose among a sea of discounts and specials? The brand that tells its unique story, shares incredible photos, and writes informative blog posts. The brand that engages and entertains.

While traditional social media efforts have often missed the mark, the practice isn’t rocket science. Yes, social engagement will take time and tremendous patience and a team getting together the right content for the right channel. However, you can rest assured that customers respond to human-oriented content. If your content is primarily focused on serving customers and sharing your story, people will trust your authentic approach and will want to be a part of your story.

Our digital marketing orange county agency’s services include:

  • UI / UX Design: We provide well-considered UI design and UX design for Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Interfaces, and Digital products. We conceptualize and prototype design solutions that align with specific business objectives. Our design work goes deeper than pretty pixels. We design intuitive interfaces for Web, Mobile, Tablet and other Digital platforms based on human behavior. In addition, we also design custom icons and illustrations.
  • Web Development: We bring your vision to life. We build complex Websites, e-Commerce sites, and Apps in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our Websites are fully responsive. We use Javascript as necessary. We also build large-scale Apps using PHP and frameworks like Zend2. We have built our own custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and databases in MySQL. We are also recognized experts in WordPress development. We build custom WordPress Websites for clients around the globe.
  • UX Strategy: Rareview provides User Experience design and strategy. Most projects start with a specifications document or product requirements document (PRD). We also create custom Wireframes to establish user interactions and Website flow. Our goal is to enhance user satisfaction through intelligent interactions between user and product.   
  • Digital Marketing/SEO/Social: In 2016, Rareview acquired a small digital marketing agency called Murgence. Our digital marketing team now provides retainer-based digital marketing services that include organic SEO, PPC management, Social Media management, and more. Our services include content creation and creative production and artwork.
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting: Information is critical to good design. We use a research-driven process to create personas, use cases, and scenarios. We focus on understanding the people we are designing for and how they use products ”” to fully understand their needs. Our consulting services include branding, strategic marketing plan creation, and customer journey exploration. Our goal is to define the customer experience and optimize interactions.
  • Print Design: Although the majority of our work is digital, we also provide print design services including the design of brochures, business cards, advertisements, promotional products, and billboards.
  • Branding: Our branding services include logo design, brand guidelines, and the creation of style guides. Branding is a critical function and most of our projects include some branding aspects.
  • Photo / Video: We help tell brand stories through photo, video, and storytelling. We have a network of photographers and videographers that we have worked with on many projects. While we don’t typically provide these services in-house, we have a team that we rely on as needed.

Digital design and integrated marketing agency experience:

Since 2002, our digital design and integrated marketing agency has worked on tens of thousands of projects in virtually every industry. This has given us a unique level of experience that is broad, yet narrow enough to have a real impact for our clients. We apply our learnings in Web Design, App Design, Interface Design, Website Development, and Digital Marketing to each and every project we work on, bringing valuable insights and considerations to our projects.

There are several ways we work with our clients to provide high quality Web Design as a Digital Design and Marketing Agency.

Typical Engagement Models:

  • Fixed-price or Project-based: Many projects can be clearly defined with a certain set of criteria, milestones, and objectives. These Web Design projects have a clear start and finish. In this case, Rareview works on a fixed-price or project-based model. We provide a quote based on the specifications, create a Statement of Work, and bill according to set milestones.
  • 2-week Sprints: For projects that are ongoing, do not have a clear path from beginning to end, or will require several pivots, we work on a 2-week sprints model. We assign a small group of designers, developers, and UX strategists to the project and every 2 weeks we re-define features and deliverables. We work in 2-week sprints, which allows us to pivot without affecting a fixed budget. This allows our team to be more agile while consistently delivering results.
  • Retainer: For many projects, a monthly retainer is ideal. This is typically the model for our Digital Marketing and SEO projects, as well as relationships where clients need us to be an extension of their internal team.

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We help companies build a following, marketing their services, and win at digital marketing. While the majority of our engagements are by referral, we love to talk to new people and companies doing great things.

Our team has over 15 years of expertise as a digital marketing orange county agency. We are are located in Orange County, California and ready to help. Feel free to contact us at anytime or get in touch to set up an appointment with our Managing Director.

Digital Marketing Orange County expertise includes:

  • Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • UX Design
  • Web Apps
  • UX Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • Databases
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • WordPress Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Photo/Video
  • Print Design

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