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As a Web Design San Juan Capistrano agency, we understand the importance of quality web design cannot be understated in today’s market. In many cases, there is simply not enough emphasis placed on the overall user experience and UI design. This is why hiring (or not hiring) a Web Design San Juan Capistrano expert in UI and UX design impacts your bottom line directly.

Adobe surveyed thousands of people and compiled data in a report called “The State of Content: Expectations on the Rise.” The report found that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. If your Website is ugly, outdated, or not easy to navigate, then nearly half of your visitors will leave immediately. Without a strong design and a well-coded Website, you’re losing revenue.

At Rareview, we recognize the importance of good Web Design. Our team has over 15 years of experience designing user interfaces, crafting user experiences, and designing and developing Websites, Apps, and Digital products. We are located in Irvine, California and have won several major Web Design industry awards such as a Webby, FWA, and Hermes Creative Platinum Award. Our clients include startups such as CarHaggWagly, and Mealeo, as well as larger corporations like BoschOracleEpsonToyotaSwell, and Disqus.

We are a user-centered design agency. We place a significant amount of attention and focus on designing digital products that are optimized for how users can, want, or need to use a product such as a Website or App, instead of forcing the user to change their behavior to accommodate the product. This human design approach is what sets Rareview apart.

Our Web Design San Juan Capistrano Services include:

  • UI / UX Design: We provide well-considered UI design and UX design for Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Interfaces, and Digital products. We conceptualize and prototype design solutions that align with specific business objectives. Our design work goes deeper than pretty pixels. We design intuitive interfaces for Web, Mobile, Tablet and other Digital platforms based on human behavior. In addition, we also design custom icons and illustrations.
  • Web Development: We bring your vision to life. We build complex Websites, e-Commerce sites, and Apps in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our Websites are fully responsive. We use Javascript as necessary. We also build large-scale Apps using PHP and frameworks like Zend2. We have built our own custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and databases in MySQL. We are also recognized experts in WordPress development. We build custom WordPress Websites for clients around the globe.
  • UX Strategy: Rareview provides User Experience design and strategy. Most projects start with a specifications document or product requirements document (PRD). We also create custom Wireframes to establish user interactions and Website flow. Our goal is to enhance user satisfaction through intelligent interactions between user and product.   
  • Digital Marketing/SEO/Social: In 2016, Rareview acquired a small digital marketing agency called Murgence. Our digital marketing team now provides retainer-based digital marketing services that include organic SEO, PPC management, Social Media management, and more. Our services include content creation and creative production and artwork.
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting: Information is critical to good design. We use a research-driven process to create personas, use cases, and scenarios. We focus on understanding the people we are designing for and how they use products ”” to fully understand their needs. Our consulting services include branding, strategic marketing plan creation, and customer journey exploration. Our goal is to define the customer experience and optimize interactions.
  • Print Design: Although the majority of our work is digital, we also provide print design services including the design of brochures, business cards, advertisements, promotional products, and billboards.
  • Branding: Our branding services include logo design, brand guidelines, and the creation of style guides. Branding is a critical function and most of our projects include some branding aspects.
  • Photo / Video: We help tell brand stories through photo, video, and storytelling. We have a network of photographers and videographers that we have worked with on many projects. While we don’t typically provide these services in-house, we have a team that we rely on as needed.

Human-Centered or User-Centered Design Approach from Rareview:

User-centered or Human-centered design is a creative and pragmatic approach to problem solving that is the backbone of our work at Rareview. This process focuses on the user and aims to provide new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. This approach allows us to define the interactions and structure of digital products around how someone will use it, rather than forcing the user into our method of interaction. It results in a much higher user satisfaction level and ease of use, which increases time on site, purchasing, and ultimately revenue.

User-centered design consists of three phases:

  1. Context & Requirements phase: Identify the primary users of the product, why they will use it, and what requirements exist. Set product goals and create product requirements in the form of PRDs, storyboards, and wireframes.
  2. Design phase: Design creative solutions to problems, iterate, and finalize the UI design and visuals. Design should be based on an explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments. The design must address the entire user experience.
  3. Evaluation phase: Test product with actual users to evaluate the product. Make adjustments in future iterations to accommodate user feedback and adapt the product to user interactions.

Web Design San Juan Capistrano Experience:

Since 2002, our digital design agency has worked on tens of thousands of projects in virtually every industry. This has given us a unique level of experience that is broad, yet narrow enough to have a real impact for our clients. We apply our learnings in Web Design, App Design, Interface Design, Website Development, and Digital Marketing to each and every project we work on, bringing valuable insights and considerations to our projects.

There are several ways we work with our clients to provide high quality Web Design San Juan Capistrano.

Typical Engagement Models:

  • Fixed-price or Project-based: Many projects can be clearly defined with a certain set of criteria, milestones, and objectives. These Web Design projects have a clear start and finish. In this case, Rareview works on a fixed-price or project-based model. We provide a quote based on the specifications, create a Statement of Work, and bill according to set milestones.
  • 2-week Sprints: For projects that are ongoing, do not have a clear path from beginning to end, or will require several pivots, we work on a 2-week sprints model. We assign a small group of designers, developers, and UX strategists to the project and every 2 weeks we re-define features and deliverables. We work in 2-week sprints, which allows us to pivot without affecting a fixed budget. This allows our team to be more agile while consistently delivering results.
  • Retainer: For many projects, a monthly retainer is ideal. This is typically the model for our Digital Marketing and SEO projects, as well as relationships where clients need us to be an extension of their internal team.

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We help companies create better user experiences. While the majority of our engagements are by referral, we love to talk to new people and companies doing great things.

Our team has over 15 years of expertise in Web design. We are are located in Irvine, California and ready to help. Feel free to contact us at anytime or get in touch to set up an appointment with our Managing Director.

Web Design San Juan Capistrano expertise includes:

  • Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • UX Design
  • Web Apps
  • UX Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • Databases
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • WordPress Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Photo/Video
  • Print Design

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