Backend WordPress Developer


At Rareview, we are a proud partner of WordPress VIP. We are looking for a Backend WordPress developer to join our team. Our projects mainly involve WordPress and WooCommerce. We often deal with RESTful web services interfaces and data migrations. Our sites are reviewed by the team at Automattic who assist with code reviews, implementation, and more.


  • A rock-solid knowledge of PHP and SQL
  • Understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Experience managing and configuring servers
  • Familiarity with systems architecture, design patterns, and testing
  • Highly collaborative attitude and love for participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture, and design
  • Ability to quickly read and understand foreign code bases


  • Make an impact — build innovative sites used by millions of people each month
  • Strive for quality — operate in a team focused on pragmatic and clean solutions
  • Play interdisciplinary — work alongside consultants, analysts, designers, developers, marketers, and other specialists
  • Self manage — organize your own time and tasks the way it fits your working style best
  • Innovate — experiment with chat bots, decoupled CMS architecture, latest frontend frameworks, and the crown jewel of WordPress development; the VIP environment


Our agency started in 2002 and we are a fun group. We work on cool projects and strive for quality. Have a look at our manifesto for more information.


  • Remote or local are both acceptable — Rareview’s main office is in Irvine, CA. but we also have a portion of our team that is distributed (remote). Either or works.
  • Please send us samples of your work including a GIT repo for code review and a detailed explanation of what you are currently doing, your background and skills in development, and your goals for the next few years of your career.