ProvenShopify Plus team.

Shopify + Rareview.

Shopify and Shopify Plus are scalable, fast, flexible, reliable platforms, optimized for mobile and social commerce. Rareview leverages this platform to build Shopify websites that make commerce better for high-growth, high-volume merchants globally. We specialize in creating unique brand and eCommerce experiences, bringing them to life with custom Shopify Themes, executing large-scale re-platform projects, and seamlessly integrating ERP and back-office systems with the Shopify API. Rareview and Shopify Plus are your strategic partners that focus on growing your online business.

What’s the difference in platforms?

Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, fully-hosted enterprise eCommerce platform for high volume merchants who want to grow bigger, faster. Shopify Plus is the world’s most scalable, secure, and robust platform, offering your business the enterprise-grade selling capabilities without the hassles and hefty price tag of traditional enterprise platforms. It is simple to use, reliable and fast, customizable, provides total hands-off optimization and scalability, and comes with a dedicated team of account, project, and support professionals. Simply put, Shopify Plus allows you to focus on your business. Not on website maintenance and server monitoring.

Shopify Plus is the reliable, scalable, customer-centric eCommerce platform.

The key features of running on Shopify

Here are some of the critical key features of running your eCommerce website on Shopify.

  • Always up-to-date, new features added regularly and NO upgrades
  • Complete security, SSL, and fraud analysis included
  • Faster innovation with massive 3rd Party App Store
  • Faster innovation with massive 3rd Party App Store
  • Merchant focus on ease of use and agility
  • Dedicated Launch Engineer and Success Manager
  • Proprietary tools like buy buttons, drops, and flash sales
  • eCommerce automation to reduce staff burden

Utilize Shopify Plus for enterprise-level sites

Rareview designs and builds Shopify Plus websites from the ground up with user experience at the forefront. We’ve got a knack for eCommerce and B2B—we’ve been doing it successfully for decades.

  • Forget about the web servers and database. Focus on your business, not IT issues
  • Don’t stress the drop. New products or busy seasons won’t crash your site, ever
  • Tested and proven user flows that remove friction and barriers to checkout
  • We are aligned to your success. If you grow, we all win. Our team is dedicated and setup to help you win online
  • Up-time and security from hackers are a huge focus for Shopify’s team. Sleep easy at night
  • Forget about bugs, upgrades, and crappy apps. You are always on the latest version, and can count on things just working