Harness the power of headlessdevelopment.

Experience the possibilities of headless. At Rareview, we specialize in helping businesses embrace headless architecture to unlock the full potential of their websites.

A new approach to content management with headless.

Headless presents a forward-thinking approach to delivering exceptional user experiences. By decoupling your CMS from the front-end, you gain complete control over tailoring the user interface to your specific audience while leveraging the power of your content management system.

Unleash the potential of headless for eCommerce.

We are passionate about driving sales through scalable eCommerce sites and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) using a Headless architecture. Our expertise lies in combining intuitive commerce management with high-performance storefronts, creating cutting-edge eCommerce stores that engage consumers and boost conversions.

Intelligent solutions.

With the flexibility of headless development, we are committed to delivering intelligent solutions for the modern web. We prioritize the user experience providing a seamless integration between editorial content and pages with complete control over SEO metadata and the ability to create marketing landing pages without limitations.

Key Features of Headless Development:

  • Create without limits: Take full control over branding and customer experiences without sacrificing site speed.
  • Blazing fast load times: Deliver a lightning-fast eCommerce experience, especially for mobile users from social media platforms.
  • Content management: Deploy content efficiently with a future-ready CMS, seamlessly integrating editorial content into product pages, optimizing SEO meta data, and creating marketing landing pages.
  • Enterprise-grade solutions: Empower your enterprise brand with a headless commerce approach that consolidates your tech stack without compromising functionality or customer experiences.

Partner with WordPress’ top Gold Partner Agency.

Our team of expert headless developers, strategists, solutions engineers, and designers collaborate with you to reimagine your brand’s experience. We deliver beautiful headless solutions for global enterprise brands.

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Maximize Performance with Supercharged Core Web Vitals.

By adopting a headless architecture, you can achieve outstanding scores in Core Web Vitals, enhancing your website’s performance and increasing your chances of ranking higher in Google’s search results. This empowers marketing teams to create exceptional customer experiences that drive business growth.

Unlock unparalleled flexibility and security.

With headless development, you gain almost infinite flexibility to create one or multiple customer-facing websites or apps tailored to your audience. Moreover, decoupling the front-end and back-end provides enhanced security, making it more challenging for hackers to infiltrate your content management system and compromise sensitive information.

Our headless CMS implementation process.

Our streamlined implementation process ensures a smooth transition to a headless CMS.

  • We gather project details, including content inventory, current architecture, user roles, and data retention policies, to select the most suitable headless CMS for your specific needs.

  • A dedicated project manager works with you to define milestones, deliverable dates, and maintains constant communication throughout the project.

  • Our expert development team builds and deploys your rock-solid headless CMS, optimizing performance and introducing system upgrades.

  • We carefully plan a seamless content migration, ensuring minimal disruption to organic traffic by handling content export/import and URL redirection.

  • Our partnership extends beyond launch as we help your web presence grow over time, aligning with your evolving needs and identifying opportunities for expansion.

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Common questions

  • A headless content management system is an architecture that separates the website’s presentation layer from its backend, allowing for more flexibility, speed, and customization. It empowers you to create modern, fast, and adaptable websites.

  • Headless architecture decouples the presentation layer (front-end) from the business layer (back-end) using REST APIs or GraphQL endpoints. This modular approach enables seamless integration with multiple frontend frameworks, expanding reach and sales potential.

  • Implementing a headless CMS offers benefits such as improved site speed, stability, security, and the ability to implement features beyond the limitations of traditional CMS platforms. If you aim to provide exceptional user experiences and require advanced customization, a headless CMS may be the ideal solution.

  • Headless development is well-suited for various scenarios, including delivering content to multiple front-ends, enabling offline access to content, building progressive web applications, and integrating complex systems seamlessly. For a simple website or extensive plugin usage, a traditional CMS may be more suitable. Our team is available to discuss your specific needs and guide you in making an informed decision.

  • While numerous front-end frameworks can be paired with WordPress (or any other CMS) in a headless architecture, we primarily focus on three popular options:

    • Next.js: Built on React, Next.js is a production-ready framework known for its efficiency in creating static website front-ends.
    • Gatsby: Also based on React, Gatsby offers a robust commercial structure and its own cloud platform, making it a popular choice for headless websites and applications.
    • React: As the foundational framework for many others, React is a JavaScript library widely used for building user interfaces.
  • Yes, it is possible to migrate an existing website to a headless CMS. The process typically involves extracting the content from the current CMS, mapping it to the new structure, and importing it into the headless CMS. However, it’s important to note that the complexity of the migration can vary depending on the size and complexity of the website. Working with experienced developers and strategists can ensure a smooth and successful migration.

  • Headless CMS offers several advantages over traditional CMS platforms, including:

    • Greater flexibility: With a headless CMS, you have the freedom to choose any front-end technology or framework, allowing for more flexibility and customization.
    • Improved performance: By decoupling the front-end from the back-end, headless architecture can result in faster load times and better overall performance.
    • Scalability: Headless CMS is designed to handle large amounts of content and can easily scale to accommodate growing needs.
    • Future-proofing: With a headless CMS, you can adapt and evolve your website or application without being tied to the limitations of a specific CMS platform.
  • While headless CMS offers numerous benefits, there are some potential challenges to consider:

    • Increased development complexity: Headless development typically requires more technical expertise and development resources compared to traditional CMS platforms.
    • Content modeling: As the front-end and back-end are decoupled, careful planning and structuring of content models are essential to ensure optimal content management.
    • Front-end development: With the flexibility of headless architecture, front-end development becomes crucial for creating engaging user experiences. It may require additional development efforts and expertise.
  • In a traditional CMS, plugins and extensions are often specific to the CMS platform. In a headless CMS, where the front-end is decoupled, these plugins and extensions might not be compatible. However, many functionalities provided by plugins and extensions can be achieved through custom development or by utilizing specific APIs and integrations with the headless CMS.

  • A properly implemented headless CMS does not have a negative impact on SEO. In fact, with the ability to create optimized content and tailor the front-end experience, headless CMS can have a positive impact on SEO. It allows for efficient management of meta tags, structured data, and content optimization techniques, resulting in improved search engine visibility and rankings.

These frameworks provide a solid foundation for developing dynamic and high-performing headless websites.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you embark on a successful headless development journey.