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Cobalt Robotics develops and deploys autonomous security robots to enhance security and surveillance in commercial and industrial settings. Rareview® was hired as the design agency and consultancy to build their brand.

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How a small cafe got 1 million views with influencer marketing

Let's be honest, sometimes the world of influencer marketing can feel overwhelming – all those creators, the ever-changing platforms, and a dash of how on earth do I even start this? But hold on, because here's a little secret: influencer marketing isn't just for the mega-brands out there.

We've seen this firsthand. A while back, we ran a campaign for a local cafe. No huge budgets, no celebrity faces – just a smart strategy and the right influencers. The result? Over 1 million views, 28,000 engagements, and a line out the door for their signature lattes. Want to see for yourself? Check out the video here:

That's the power of effective influencer marketing. It's social proof on steroids, and in 2024, it's a strategy few brands can afford to ignore. But to truly unlock that potential, you need a strong foundation and a solid understanding of the ever-evolving social landscape.

Defining your foundation

Goals before glitter

Before diving headfirst into that sea of sparkly creator profiles, take a step back. What do you actually want to achieve? Increased brand awareness? Boosted website traffic? A viral launch for your new product? Your desired outcome will shape your entire influencer strategy. If you're aiming to go viral, you might choose macro-influencers for wider reach. But if steady, sustainable growth is the goal, niche micro-influencers could be your best bet.

Know your people

The best influencer partnerships happen when a brand and creator are cut from a similar cloth. So, who are your ideal customers? Dig into their demographics, their online hangouts, and especially what makes them tick. Tools like Facebook Audience Insights can be a huge help for this kind of market research.

Research relevant platforms

Where's your target audience spending their time? In 2024, Instagram is still a major player, but don't discount the meteoric rise of TikTok or the tried-and-true power of YouTube. Analyze which platforms truly resonate with the folks you want to reach.

The hunt for authentic influence

Beyond the follower count

Sure, a big follower count is impressive, but it's not the be-all and end-all. What you really want is engagement. Look for influencers with active communities – plenty of comments, shares, and genuine conversations happening in their comment sections. High engagement indicates a loyal audience that's far more likely to convert. Need proof? Studies by Influencer Marketing Hub consistently show that engagement rate is the top metric brands prioritize when selecting influencers.

The alignment factor

A potential influencer might have the numbers, but do they fit your brand? This goes beyond surface-level aesthetics. Are your values aligned? Would their audience genuinely be interested in what you offer? A mismatch here can be disastrous, so don't compromise for the sake of vanity metrics.

Niche is nice

Smaller brands, don't be afraid to embrace niche influencers. Micro-influencers, even those with smaller audiences, often boast incredible engagement rates and a dedicated following within specific communities. These hyper-focused partnerships can sometimes deliver even better ROI than working with big-name creators.

Building the relationship

Transparency is key

The best influencer relationships are built on honest communication. Before the first DM slides into their inbox, know your goals, your expectations, and your budget. Be upfront about what you want to achieve and what you're willing to offer in return.

Mutual respect

Think of influencer marketing as a true partnership. Creators aren't your billboards; they bring unique perspectives and content skills to the table. Respect their creative freedom, value their insights, and compensate them fairly for their work.

The power of the pitch

Your initial outreach can make or break your chances. Avoid generic, copy-and-paste messages. Tailor your pitch to each influencer, showing you understand their content and why your brand would be a good fit. A little flattery goes a long way – mention a specific post or video you enjoyed, it shows you're paying attention.

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