We recently had the privilege of attending Dash Hudson’s exclusive social media roundtable event focused on the beauty and cosmetics industry. Brands in attendance were Made Cosmetics, Tatcha, The Honest Company, Rare Beauty, ColourPop, and Katherine Girl to name a few. 

During the event, someone aptly described it as a “social media support group,” shedding light on the daily challenges faced by brands in navigating the ever-evolving social media landscape. 

This article offers a comprehensive analysis of the key factors and trends that impact beauty brands in the social media space, with a focus on engagement, audience reach, retention, and the significance of short-form content. It highlights some main topics discussed during the social media roundtable event.

Topic 1—The power of short-form content

Regardless of a brand’s KPI, producing entertaining short-form content is crucial while maintaining a consistent posting schedule. TikTok has emerged as the undisputed king of engagement for beauty brands, thanks to its unique algorithm and viral nature. Brands aiming to captivate audiences with creative, bite-sized content have found TikTok to be a goldmine. However, it is essential to tailor the content strategy for each platform. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have also gained significant traction, offering valuable opportunities for brands to leverage this content. By understanding the nuances and preferences of each platform’s user base, brands can optimize their content for maximum impact.

Topic 2—The influencer advantage

Dash Hudson highlighted the significant increase in engagement rates when creators act as brand advocates, posting content on behalf of cosmetic & beauty brands. In fact, engagement rates skyrocket by an impressive 16 times compared to native posting. This finding indicates that influencers who align themselves with a brand and deliver content on its behalf have a stronger impact on their audience. Moreover, when it comes to driving engagement, nano influencers outperform micro and macro influencers. Nano influencers, with their relatively small but highly engaged audience, have proven to be a wise choice for brands seeking to maximize their engagement rates. Leveraging the authenticity and close connection that nano influencers establish with their audience allows brands to tap into a more targeted and receptive consumer base.

In the realm of cross-channel trends, brands must adapt their strategies to suit the unique characteristics of each platform.

TikTok, for instance, a rule of thumb should be followers as a KPI rather than a goal, highlighting the platform’s focus on engagement and virality. While brands are experiencing faster growth on TikTok compared to Instagram and YouTube, they have noticed a decline in engagement rates over the last year.

Instagram, having been in existence longer than TikTok, offers higher reach when utilizing reels over static content. The prevalence of direct messaging and the influence of creators also contribute to higher engagement rates on the platform.

YouTube, with its 18-year history, still boasts the largest audience but struggles with brands’ low weekly posting rates. The popularity of shorts is generating more engagement, leading to an inevitable shift from long-form videos in the future.

To conclude, in the dynamic landscape of organic social media, brands must remain adaptable and open to experimentation. Understanding the power of short-form content, harnessing the influence of creators, and embracing the unique dynamics of various social media platforms are key to unlocking new levels of engagement and fostering meaningful connections with the target audience. Success in organic social media lies in continuous learning, strategic adaptation, and the ability to captivate audiences with compelling and authentic content. A special thanks to Dash Hudson for providing this insightful opportunity to engage with renowned beauty brands and shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the organic social media space.


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