Starting in August 2021, our team is undertaking an internal project to redesign and build the next generation of our company’s website. We have several motivations and goals for this project, which are:

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  1. Reposition our agency as a brand or company. We have grown in size and scale, continue to add employees, and do a lot of other things than just client/agency work. Thus, we’d like to position Rareview as a company and not simply an agency.
  2. Write more engaging content in story format.
  3. Refresh the design so it is contemporary and avant-garde.
  4. Rebuild the site from the ground up using the latest features from WordPress 5.8.1 and in preparation of 5.9/6.0 being released in 2022. While design is very important to us, we also strive to build an inclusive, accessible, and usable (fast) website (function over form). Thus, we anticipate many decisions will need to be made regarding video, photo, and animation compared to site performance.

We continue to partner with WordPress VIP and participate in the development and marketing of WordPress CMS. We have started to release some open-source work and will continue to support the community at large.

As such, we’ve set up a category on our blog to document our entire process of redesigning our website from start to finish. We are working in the open, sharing progress, discussing key learnings, overcoming pitfalls, and reflecting upon our decisions. The good and the bad; this is an open book. We will aim to post weekly (at a minimum), and some posts will be a work-in-progress.


This process is something we want to share as a means of connecting with our community, first and foremost. It’s also a way of keeping us all accountable, and moving towards the same goal, while maintaining our current workload and balancing client work. Lastly, it’s a method for us to challenge our own thinking and communicate our decisions to ourselves.

We Value…

  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Continuity


Every interaction is a chance to collaborate. Whether it be you the reader or the next chance to incubate and discuss a new project. Collaboration fuels and fuses with all that we value.


We believe that discussing and sharing is part of human nature. Through this connection we try to exercise grace, empathy, humility and awareness.


Inspiring ideas accelerate and exhilarate collaboration.


Ruminating on where we have been and where we would like to go. This helps us grow and adhere to our baseline of values and passions.


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