All good things come to those who wait, and thankfully you won’t have to wait long. Rareview has been chosen as the full-service digital agency and partner for a premium basics company. Launching VAV Basics clothing line coming directly from Peru and Direct-to-consumer to save costs, VAV will bring a premium basics line for men and women to market with Rareview.

Set to hit the market in the Spring of 2018, this Rareview partnership is fueled by a design-driven campaign showcasing the luxury basic brand’s image and dimension. Promoting holistically crafted cotton-knit apparel and appealing to a classically edgy style as well as putting comfort at the forefront, the simple tee becomes a game-changer.

Designed in the Los Angeles and artisanally brought to life in Peru, our focus is to create a product that embodies the finest materials woven together with an approach that generates a sustainable solution for the future. Styled with European flare that evokes the casual elegance of Scandinavia, we aim to embody an international class, weaving cultures and styles.

Sculpting the brand through voice, audience, marketing, digital commerce, customer acquisition, customer experience, and design, Rareview is creating the largest digital luxury basics company with a fresh reach, style, and position. Return to the basics this Spring in style. VAV Clothing will change basics forever.

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