Bomba Bambola swimwear selects Rareview as a preferred agency partner, growing this luxury brand online and building an engaged audience centered around body positivity and confidence.

The partnership centers around strategic marketing, creative, and all paid acquisition channels. As the #1 agency in Southern California, Rareview is working with Bomba Bambola to generate revenue, build strong customer loyalty, and create a unique and engaging brand representing the highest quality products in the space.

Bomba Bambola has really focused on the details, highlighting the quality and luxury that is meant to turn heads and represent the best of Southern California living. This inspiring company started with a strong mission from the founder “I always loved the look on a woman’s face when she tried on a piece of clothing that fit and looked stunning. However, it isn’t often when a woman can find that perfect bathing suit. So we set out to fix that.”

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About Bomba Bambola

At Bomba Bambola, we believe that every woman should feel confident in their clothing and a swimsuit should be no different. Be proud of who you are and confident in how you look. Wear something that will make you stand out and feel sexy.

Our mission is to provide women with luxurious and flattering swimsuits to help them feel confident and sexy. We also aim to produce garments that we’re proud of and have accomplished by partnering with the USA’s best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality. We are proudly made in Los Angeles, California.

About Rareview

Rareview is a digital design and marketing agency awarded for excellence and recognized as an industry leader. We build brands by designing digital experiences and cultivating relationships. Agencies are a dime a dozen. The great ones are rare.


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