Rareview is proud to announce that CarMD (owned by Innova Electronic Corporation) has selected our firm as their design agency to create the foundation of a refreshed visual direction.

Rareview will be helping CarMD move forward by focusing on simplifying the user experience and improving the UI on several large-scale products. Our goal will be to streamline the process for both consumers and auto shops.

With a history of industry-leading knowledge, CarMD’s next chapter will evolve the pre-owned car sales process with reliability, trust, and ease. CarMD and Innova offer a full suite of telematics solutions for the automotive aftermarket to provide business intelligence, remote diagnostics, parts, and vehicle management technology while creating a relationship between all parties.

CarMD.com Corp is a sister affiliate company to Innova Electronics and Equus. Innova is about creating new and better ways of serving the automotive industry and car owners in North America and around the world. To date, we hold 81+ U.S. patents – with dozens more pending – directly related to Telematics, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) technology.

The Rareview creative team will be doing it all, from redesigning the customer experience to reviewing and rewriting content and imagery, to finalizing new design and development for both Innova and all subsideraries.

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