The motto at Espresso Republic is “bring great coffee back to the people,” but the online experience fell flat. As Espresso Republic Agency, Rareview evaluated and enhanced that digital experience, improve usability, and streamline shopping and all e-commerce.

The new website is now live and features ApplePay along with other major enhancements. These improvements include shopping, checkout, and product shipping enhancements, as well as a much-needed backend overhaul to make the website architecture more stable, flexible, and accurate. We have introduced new features and greatly improved others such as coffee flights, brewing guides, and subscriptions.

If you haven’t visited this new site and experienced ER’s coffee and beans, you aren’t experiencing a first-class coffee taste and flavor. This unique and updated experience continues to deliver and bring coffee from all over the world to your table.

Rareview is excited to be apart of this launch and to assist as Espresso Republic Agency.

About ER

Espresso Republic was established in 2010 with one goal in mind; to bring great coffee back to the people.

As soon as you walk through the door at the Espresso Republic brewing facility, the wonderful aroma of coffee entices your senses. The roasters are impressive, but the people really stand out. Rabih Sater, the founder of Espresso Republic, travels several months of the year to personally source beans from all around the world. The team then creates roasts that cater to both the coffee connoisseur and curious consumer alike, offering nuanced flavors that are immediately rewarding and approachable for all palates.


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