Companion Medical, the leader in Diabetes InPens, selects Rareview as their preferred agency partner to grow the brand and build an engaged audience centered around accessibility to critical insulin when in need.

InPen manages the details of your Diabetes, so you can focus on living your best life. It’s the easy-to-use support system that helps you take the right amount of insulin at the right time. Rareview will team with Companion Medical and Medtronic to work on creative, social advertising, media buying, paid search, retargeting, display, mobile, audience targeting, Apple App downloads, and Google play store, as well as content production across all paid platforms to drive growth.

Upon partnering with the brand, Rareview began a competitive analysis and took a deep-dive into the constructs that shapes the HealthCare market; with a focus on Diabetes. We looked at the approach on developing a digital storytelling platform that took industry norms and turned them upside-down. Companion Medical is a brand that is founded on the confidence that they’re giving the right dose at the right time. Its team needed a way to appeal to a new generation of customers while maintaining its conceptual foundation. Rareview was engaged in helping strategize and grow this brand aggressively to a new audience and market.

About Companion Medical

Companion Medical develops easy-to-use, affordable diabetes technology focused on advanced insulin delivery and real-time actionable insights. The company’s flagship product, InPen, is the first FDA-cleared smart insulin pen and mobile app-based diabetes management system providing people with diabetes and healthcare providers with essential data to optimize insulin regimens.

About Rareview

Rareview is a digital design and marketing agency awarded for excellence and recognized as an industry leader. We build brands by designing digital experiences and cultivating relationships. Agencies are a dime a dozen. The great ones are rare.


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