Irvine full-service digital agency Rareview said its revenue is on an upswing as it picks up new work from some big names. The company said sales have increased 170% over the past three years, though it doesn’t disclose specific sales numbers. 

Part of its growth has come from work with WordPress VIP, a division of the content management system on which many websites today are built. WordPress VIP added Rareview to its Gold Agency Partnership group (a small group of top agencies).

Members of that group assist WordPress VIP clients with security, performance, design, and other aspects of their sites with a client roster touting names such as News Corp, Rolling Stone, Facebook, Microsoft, and others. 

The agency’s services include design, marketing, engineering, and media planning

It’s earned the thumbs up from a number of locals, including Costa Mesa clothing company Z Supply LLC, which hired Rareview to be its marketing agency of record for work on digital, paid social media, and creative. 

“The agency said it helped Z SUPPLY Clothing shave off 97% of its cost to acquire customers, bump new customers by 70% and achieve a 500% increase in revenue.”

There’s also Irvine-based Fox Racing, which works with Rareview on its direct-to-consumer business with the agency saying the channel has seen a 145% return on its ad spend. 

Rareview was launched in 2002, originally as a design-focused agency, and counts 26 workers. 

Design + Marketing + Engineering + Media
Core services that Rareview offers clients through it’s Agency division

“Rareview has seen tremendous growth over the past few years; working across industries and bringing digital to the forefront of brand revenue has been rewarding.”

Rob Pearson

CMO at Rareview

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