During a time of uncertainty for most companies and brands, Fox Racing has put both new and emerging energy into its DTC initiatives. Through a blend of renewed creative, new campaigns, and thoughtful marketing, Fox Racing is exerting the lead as a global powerhouse with the onboarding of Rareview, their new agency of record for US, Canada, and Shift brands.

Sunnier days ahead

We are proud to announce this partnership, growing an iconic global brand, and helping Fox Racing shape their relationship directly with consumers is a passion that spans across both teams. Upon partnering with the brand, we began a competitive analysis and took a deep dive into the constructs that shape motocross and mountain bike customers.

We focused our approach on developing new creative marketing campaigns, leveraging Fox’s rich data and building out platforms and acquisition campaigns to drive new users that continue to enrich Fox Racing DTC business at scale.

This is Fox Racing

Fox Racing social media paid advertising story ads.


Leveraging Rareview’s deep-seated roots in marketing and eCommerce with the Fox Racing team’s industry expertise and history, we combined the creative construct that balances marketing and acquisition. The result is a compelling experience with an infrastructure to grow, drive new users, and scale across all business objectives.

Highlights of success

  • 30:1 blended ROAS
  • 26:1 ROAS on social channels
  • All-time high in revenue for a single month

Customers today demand that brands are present and have a purpose when telling their stories. Fox Racing has always been able to do that in an artful way that resonates with their core customer. More than ever, Fox is focused on driving that value directly to their consumer, and Rareview couldn’t be more excited to help support them across all marketing initiatives.


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