Rareview is bringing years of design and development experience to the table in its new venture with New York’s MGNY Tax Consulting firm. Having experience across all major industries, Rareview will work closely with this New York firm on a full redesign of its web presence. Starting with a major review of its customers, we will partner to under the journey of all different types of MGNY Consulting clients, then build a UX/UI that draws them into the firm and talks to their pain points.

Forming a strategic relationship to evolve MGNY’s brand and voice, Rareview will be working closely with MGNY’s principals to elevate the overall experience, while maintaining the firm’s rich history.

Showcasing the expertise and inviting relatability of MGNY’s character, Rareview is pushing the vision behind this boutique tax management company into the spotlight.

Lastly, we will develop and build on a scalable platform, allowing MGNY to create and evolve content for years to come. With first in class SEO, functional design, updated content, elevated style, and built for speed, MGNY will be set up to not only be successful in relaunching their brand but instead have a more substantial, more impactful presence in such a healthy market.


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