On January 17, 2020, OnCon ICON awards announced it’s annual ranking of world-class marketers who are voted on by all their peers in the industry as leading the charge on innovation, execution, performance, impact, and overall contribution. This year’s top 100 marketers in the world go to our very own Robert Pearson, our CMO, who has been awarded this prestigious honor and is the top executive in marketing for 2020.

“OnCon Icon Award Winners were announced at last night’s OnCon Icon Awards. The Awards Gala was hosted on the final night of OnCon 2020. OnCon Icon Award Winners are determined by peer to peer votes. This year’s OnCon Icon Award Winners were determined from over 4,500 votes in total. It is a tremendous honor to be selected as an award winner, as the selection is based on peer recognition of performance, impact, and contributions. Individual winners represent many of the most senior leaders from the world’s top organizations.” – Sean Tomarelli, Founder & CEO at OnConferences.

“It’s an incredible honor to be awarded this ICON award as the top executive in marketing, mainly because it’s voted on by our peers in the industry, which holds the most weight for me when thinking about the impact and contribution back to our industry. I am in an impressive group of fellow award winners and am flattered to be recognized.”

Rob pearson

cmo at rareview

OnCon is the worlds leading exclusive group and council that comes together monthly to discuss the latest challenges, trends, and benchmarks that the marketing industry faces. This group of executives has created the world’s top organization for networking, conferences, and industry-leading innovation. To learn more about OnCon and see some of this year’s winners visit https://www.onconferences.com/2020-awards-announcement


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