Pacific Debt, the leader in debt settlement, has selected Rareview as their design and development partner for Web development and Web Content Accessibility – WCAG 2.0.

Pacific Debt (PDI) was founded, consumers saddled with high levels of consumer debt were often faced with tough choices and a limited number of options. Traditional options for resolving one’s debts include credit counseling, home equity loans, and bankruptcy.

Pacific Debt is a leader in the debt settlement field and located in beautiful San Diego, California. The company settles millions of dollars in consumer debt each month while maintaining Kevin and Sierra’s vision of a consumer-friendly experience. Highlights of our program include:

Rareview and Pacific Debt will work together to drive updated design and development, but more importantly, will be working on making sure all that access the site can read, understand, and contact the firm with the highest level of accessibility.

This new partnership will continue to allow the company to grow, scale, and better understand the way customers interact with it’s digital properties.

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