One of Australia’s largest online fashion boutiques, Princess Polly, hired Rareview’s SEO and marketing team to manage, optimize, and navigate both a complex multi-site migration and full search engine optimization support. As Princess Polly SEO Agency of record, we were building off its success, working on launching a new multi-currency, multi-region site while migrating their astronomical customer datasets off of an old legacy platform.

To decrease the loss of conversion and traffic, effecting overall revenue, Rareview is working closely with the Princess Polly team in driving a complicated migration with both Shopify Plus and Magento. Our teams are working together to make the experience seamless to the customer, directing them to the US site, all the while making sure thousands of products, PDP pages, and site content has a stable structure. Being Princess Polly SEO Agency is about supporting them across multiple objectives while continuing to drive relevant and updated traffic across all these regions.

With our combination of technical and creative SEO services, our teams are focused on managing this dual-site initiative with a solid plan (both pre and post-migration), strategy, content, structure, products, URLs, crawls, keywords, audience engagement, and much more. As we continue to support and grow the current sites, Rareview is excited to help Princess Polly continue to expand its brand globally.


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