Rareview has acquired Murgence, a digital marketing and SEO/SEM firm. The acquisition will allow Rareview to leverage our expertise in UI/UX design and development, branding, and strategy and Murgence’s expertise in marketing consulting, social, and SEO/SEM to offer additional services to our clients. Pretty nice, eh?

Rareview Digital Marketing will now scale to include a full range of new services lead by a senior-level team. These services will consist of branding, strategy, social media, paid media, media buying, SEM, SEO, paid social, content marketing, email marketing, automation and AI, personalization, and creative services.

With this Rareview acquisition, Rareview will complete it’s the full range of services, delivering the highest quality of work across digital marketing, social media, content, email, design, development, creative, strategy, and more. Rareview is the leading full-service agency in Southern California, leading the charge on all design and marketing initiatives for both medium and large companies alike.

Murgence was a top local firm, becoming a part of a more prominent organization like Rareview will now empower its team to execute across multiple organizations and categories, delivering on its core ethos.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you grow your digital brand and online presence.

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