Rareview, an award-winning creative marketing agency based in Newport Beach, CA is excited about adding UX/UI designers and WordPress developers to our team. These full-time positions offer the chance to work remotely in the Southern California area (LA/OC/SD) with occasional in-person office days, client meetings, and collaborations.

We’re intentionally different for a reason, so creativity and high-caliber work are paramount. Rareview works closely with our clients to give each brand and campaign personally-curated attention, that showcases the passion we have for our work.

Here’s what we want to know:

UX/UI Designers:

  • Take us through your process
  • What role do you play on projects?
  • How do you interact with co-workers and clients?
  • If you had to describe it, what’s your style?
  • Who are your design inspirations and why?
  • What makes you excited about design?
  • What do you hate about design and how would you change it?

WordPress Developers:

  • Take us through your process
  • What tools and apps are in your bag of tricks?
  • What coding languages do you know best? (we’re not looking for a jack-of-all-trades, we want specialists, so list your top skills)
  • Share your portfolio
  • Top five projects that are fully-responsive and custom-built in WordPress

Rareview designers and developers are best-in-class, we focus on custom code and thoughtful UX/UI. If you think you have what it takes, then all UX/UI designers, please send portfolios, resumes, and required information to our careers page. In the “subject line” please state “Bad-ass Designer” or “WordPress Ninja Developer” so we know you’re paying attention and are ready to rock-and-roll!

Here’s to kick-ass creativity!


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