Rareview co-founders Rob and Chuck Pearson are proud to announce they’ve brought on innovative media player Casey Baker as Senior Vice President of Media at Rareview.

Baker brings with him a top team, as well as his own unique and extensive expertise and relationships, to supercharge the company’s already robust media buying program.

“We’re thrilled to bring on Casey to empower our media division as an unstoppable force in the industry,” Rob Pearson said. “The way of the future is performance marketing, combined with media buying, strong creative and design. It is rare to find an agency that focuses on all these areas in a cohesive and innovative way. We’re in the final stages of launching rView, a proprietary AI platform that is going to transform the way the world views metrics. When combined with our strong media team, this AI platform will enable our clients and brands to command success and become untouchable in their industries.”

Prior to Rareview, Baker was a partner at New and Improved Media, where he forged his way as a leader in the media buying world with campaigns that ran across a myriad of industries. His buying experience runs deep through verticals such as broadcast TV & radio, online, streaming, Out-of-Home, and print. With almost 15 years under his belt in the industry, Casey’s accolades will enhance the Rareview team to strengthen their position and reinvent the mold for a full-service digital agency.

“This is the new definition of an integrated agency. Rareview has all the tools a client needs, from engineering and tech to design and media. Rareview is the top player and leading full-service agency nationwide.”

Casey Baker

SVP media at rareview

Rareview celebrates 20 years in business this year, with new revolutionary software and proprietary tools on the horizon. For more information visit Rareview.

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