We’re excited to be part of the launch of MUNICIPAL, the world’s first Sports Utility Brand co-founded by Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson. In an industry that historically promotes men’s workout apparel with kettlebells, box jumps, and battle ropes, MUNICIPAL has created an athleisure brand with the core principles of versatility and comfort for every minute of the day. 

“In recent months, the pandemic has completely disrupted people’s lives. As people have re-examined every aspect of their lives, fundamentals such as family, community, and shared values have re-emerged as the most important contributors to happiness and productivity,” says Harry Arnett, CEO at MUNCIPAL.

“People are embracing the importance of being comfortable everywhere, so we can focus on things that truly matter. This is where MUNICIPAL lives.”

Harry Arnett


Early beginnings

Our partnership with Mark Wahlberg’s MUNICIPAL started over a year ago when our teams collaborated on a dive deep into the Men’s Apparel’s competitive landscape. 

Our goal was simple; find opportunities to talk to the everyday guy organically and engagingly, giving him the ability to build his style with clothes that match his life. 

After weeks of research and in-depth planning, we kicked off the design and marketing strategy projects, working hand-in-hand with MUNICIPAL to pair the experience with content for their digital-first DTC brand. 

As the brand started to take shape, we realized the design of the eCommerce website wasn’t just about being different. The site needed to be accessible, merchandised well, and truly mobile-first. Our goal of driving an enriching experience and straightforward product story drove a lot of our team’s decisions, which helped shape the content, imagery, and marketing strategies. As the product team developed the line and the brand took shape, we executed across several different platforms using Mark’s and Lev’s influence among others in their circles to elevate the brand, announce the launch, and capitalize on building substantial audiences that matched the brand’s personas. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • A mobile-first design that feels unique and showcases the brand while creating a seamless shopping experience. 
  • Scientific approach to customer data, audience building, and personas.
  • A full marketing strategy that covers all areas in which the brand interacts with customers, plus strategies to build loyalty, trust, and conversion.
  • Social planning and strategy for organic and paid.
  • Email marketing strategy and implementation plan.
  • Full implementation plan across all platforms for paid performance and conversion.
  • All execution across all channels with a focus on ROI, ROAS, and audience. 

The focus is to capitalize on the change that MUNICIPAL brings to this space, introduce a new brand that stands for something much more significant than just the product, and leverage the right influencers, platforms, and content that helps tell their story in a way that brings value to the bottom line. 

If you haven’t tried the product yet; you are missing out. Get some gear today. Visit municipal.com


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