Bally Sports partners with Rareview to kick off the MLB season for the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers.

Rareview is proud to announce our new partnership with Bally Sports Regional Networks, specifically in Atlanta and Dallas DMAs to help drive tune-in during key Braves, Hawks, Rangers & Stars games.

Tasked with the challenge to prompt season ticket holders and sports fans to tune in to future games, Rareview thoughtfully and systematically launched programmatic digital OOH to segment and target a specific pool of billboards in zip codes where relevant fan bases reside. This forward-thinking approach ensures minimal impression waste while increasing target reach and frequency to an all-time high.

Taking full advantage of digital OOH capabilities, this campaign is dayparted from 3p-12m while utilizing fully dynamic APIs to push countdown clocks leading into key games along with live-score as soon as the game is live; in total each market will execute approximately 200 different creative messages during the 3-month flight. 

Live-Scoring On all OOH billboards
World Series Champion Atlanta Braves

“We are extremely excited to partner with this great group, especially as the Atlanta Braves defend their 2021 World Series Title this year and Corey Seager starts this season with the Rangers. Bally’s trust in our programmatic expertise demonstrates their desire to be more efficient while still utilizing large scale OOH media in their markets.”

Casey Baker

SVP Media at Rareview

Watch the World Series Champions the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers this season and be on the lookout for their first-of-a-kind real-time scoring billboards throughout the two different markets.

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