Rareview has teamed up with the State of California and non-profit Waymakers to launch a new awareness campaign around family violence that takes a positive approach on a topic that is often hidden behind the walls of conflict and crisis. 

Family Violence campaign #BETTERWAY

Over the past few months, our teams have created a powerful educational message that establishes a concrete connection between action and learning by highlighting the different effects that family violence can have on people everywhere, including kids, teens, partners, spouses, friends, counselors, teachers, and more.

Instead of focusing on the obvious abuse patterns, we concentrated our attention on a positive approach (e.g. a #BETTERWAY) — teaching and supporting one another and giving people local resources to take action. Our goal is to help people think about the long-term results of abusive behaviors and the impact they have across the entire family dynamic. 

People can take the Family Violence campaign #BETTERWAY pledge to take a stand, make a commitment to change, and support each other.

Computer mockup of the Family Violence campaign #BETTERWAY pledge


We are capitalizing on a digital generation who are on their phones and computers, care about social awareness, and are dedicated to taking a pledge that will build a community of activists ready and willing to take action. As such, our approach is heavily geared towards digital with a mobile-first design for the microsite and digital/online advertising at the forefront.


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