Rareview has been chosen by Raymond to reimagine their brand, bringing new marketing and design to an established business. Rareview’s services will include content, workshop, design, branding, and strategy.

Evolving the brand to pivot and stay ahead of trends means keeping the voice clear and relatable whether it’s a start-up or a 65 year-old warehousing and equipment company. Over the last 10 years, Raymond has embodied this by leading the way in AI and automation enhancements.

In the next few months, Rareview will be pushing the Raymond brand into the forefront, highlighting a proven name that can be trusted in handling everything inside the four walls of a warehouse.

Rareview will also work with the executive team on an integrated workshop, built around identifying top brand attributes, key elements of top customers, and other marketing and brand exercises geared toward putting the entire team on the same page with new and exciting features that will be used in their unique design and content.

Putting the customers first is vital for the future of Raymond, ensuring that all elements of the business are communicated effectively, and innovation and scale are clearly defined. Rareview and Raymond will work hand-in-hand to ensure the success of all these new initiatives.


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