Working closely with the Sergio Tacchini team, we have crafted a new digital experience across all platforms, driving their purpose and storytelling with new creative and paid experiences to drive customers and reinvigorate the brand.

In a challenging and competitive market, we have challenged ourselves to think differently and drive dynamic product and storytelling ads with the heart and heritage of the brand at the forefront. Mapping this historically significant player in the tennis space back to a modern brand with a substantial cultural impact has been an inspiring and ambitious project. Our teams are continuing to challenge the status quo while delivering media buys, brand and influencer partnerships, paid ads, audience insights, cultural content, and creativity that separates Sergio Tacchini from any of its competitors.

This balance between product and purpose continues to lay the foundation for our entire engagement. To help the brand tell more compelling stories, we leaned into focus, clarity, and simplicity as our guiding paid and media principles. We set out to strip away the excess and reconcile both emotional feeling and rational understanding in one centralized digital experience.

For us at Rareview, this work wasn’t just another project—it was the opportunity to do something meaningful with our talents. Empathy, intention, and perspective are values that are core to our business. As such, it is an honor to help bring the Sergio Tacchini mission to life.

Rob Pearson

CMO at Rareview

About Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini is a heritage athletics brand representing authenticity, craftsmanship, and style. Founded in 1966 by Italian tennis champion Sergio Tacchini, the namesake label gained worldwide recognition by infusing color into an otherwise all-white sport while partnering with the world’s top tennis athletes.


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