Sweetworxx (Owned by Bosch), the revolutionary car servicing company, has selected Rareview as their UX design partner. The app makes it more convenient for car owners to get their cars serviced and washed.

We helped launch a new brand for Bosch in Southern California by improving the user experience, redesigning the Mobile app, creating a new Website, and managing all digital marketing and social efforts.

The SWEETWORXX service is unprecedented for the auto industry. It is changing lifestyles. People no longer need to take their cars in for service or repair, and they are thrilled.

To support this value declaration, our marketing, design, and content focus on building the brand through lifestyle and mechanic/technical images. As the leading Bosch agency, Rareview worked as a partner to support and implement all of these initiatives, while helping the brand establish trust with customers.

The main goal of our digital and social media efforts continues to foster open and trustworthy conversations with users about their cars. We provided weekly practical tips and have started a Facebook live campaign to reach more local enthusiasts and passive customers.

We then took mobile to a new level, working on redesigning the screens, the experience, the navigation, and the overall look to assist in the companies transformation and guidance to their customers. Overall, this campaign was a huge hit, customers are excited to try it out, and we are beginning to see an incredible amount of traction, putting Rareview at the top of the Bosch agency list.


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