When this November 2nd comes around, our employees might be hiking. They could be surfing or sleeping. They could be spelunking for all we know. But one thing we know for sure? They’ll be voting. Because it’s an essential right for every American. And now, our staff will have the day off work to do it. 

We’ve added Election Day as a holiday to promote voting rights in the United States. Everyone should vote. Period. It’s wrong to have to make a choice between missing work and doing your civic duty. We want to contribute to the cultural shift to prioritize voting for all Americans. Because right now, it’s difficult for some to take time away from their jobs so that they can vote for issues that matter. It’s time to make it easier for each person to have their voice heard.  

At Rareview, we’re taking a stance. And we decided to act. Big time. Our offices will be closed. The work will wait. But we’ll gain so much more as a country. We see this as a simple step forward in the effort to turn out as many Americans as possible. By giving our people the time and freedom to vote without taking special time off, we’re sending the message that voting is an essential responsibility, and we all have a stake in the outcome of elections. 

Everyone counts—one person, one vote. Making voting easy and accessible is the right thing to do. Because it’s a right every American has. So let’s hit the ballots. Happy casting!


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