We live in a world where a single act of kindness can uplift a person, a family, and a community. At Rareview, we strive to be part of a kinder and more supportive world. See who we’re helping below.

Uplift Campaign by Rareview

verb. elevate morally or spiritually.

Together, we create a better world.

We all need help in some way or another. We lean on others for support, friendship, guidance, and assistance. This is what brings people and communities together. Through the Rareview Uplift campaign we look for opportunities to help people and communities.

We believe that through small acts of kindness, generosity and love, we can create a better world. We encourage the brands and companies we work with to join us in supporting the organizations below.


Volunteers helping to pass out food for COVID-19 relief efforts at 3rd Street Shelter in San Francisco


When: 2020, 2021, 2022
Type: Emergencies

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic COVID-19 Relief Efforts

The 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic is a community based agency providing youth in Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco with medical and behavioral health services that encourage them to make decisions that support their health, safety and development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 3rd Street has helped the youth find shelter in hotels, feed people, provided pre-paid gas cards for transportation, and had their volunteer staff on the front lines in the name of service.

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