Engineering for the new Rareview website began a few weeks ago, and is progressing along nicely. As Chuck mentioned previously: design is fluid, and most of the main components for the blog are in good shape. Thus, that is where we’ve focused our time.

Drop the grid

@chuck and I have been collaborating in weekly sessions. One thing Chuck mentioned was the desire to remove the standard max-width nature of the layout, and I was all for it. It was a pretty simple update and this allows the site to adapt to larger screens.

Light Mode

Since the design was originally done in dark mode. We went ahead and updated CSS variables to respect a user’s preference for light mode as well.

WordPress 5.9 on the horizon

Of course we wanted our site to be prepared for the future of Full Site Editing and the upcoming release of WordPress 5.9 (Beta 2 is out and please help with testing) is on the horizon. While Full Site Editing has a long way to go in regards to an elevated editorial experience. We’re leveraging the latest theme.json version 2 and incorporated the super helpful JSON Schema, which helps keep track of all those properties. However, we’ve chosen not to go all in on block themes, and will be using good old PHP templating for now.

There is so much great stuff coming out of WordPress and the Gutenberg block editor is changing at seemingly break-neck speed. We’re excited to see what is to come.

Next up

We’ll be focusing on implementing the single post design. This includes comments, comment form, author biography display and social sharing.

Thanks for dropping by and reach out if you have any questions.

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