Wagly, the privately funded startup in Bellevue, WA. has selected Rareview as their Wagly partner agency in UX/UI design and development to design and build their website and online platforms. As a Wagly partner, we will help guide the new brand through several new initiatives while creating a reliable website and back-end for the company and all its locations.

Wagly, a new veterinary experience based in Bellevue, provides a full health experience for dogs, cats and anything smaller than a horse. The Seattle Times says Wagly plans a pack of pet services, under one woof.

Wagly Pet Hospital and Campus is designed to include all of the services a pet and pet parent need, under one roof. What makes Wagly different is its ability to see the pet throughout the entire day, watching them in daycare, boarding, grooming, and if need in the hospital.

With new locations in Washington, San Francisco, and Orange County, Wagly is rolling out all over the west coast. This rollout will include all of the Wagly services, from daycare to grooming, hospital to boarding, and in some locations, pick up and drop off services. Rareview and Wagly will kick the relationship off with our award-winning design and development services and then pivot to assist with marketing, acquisition, content, local business strategy, partnerships, and much more.

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