Wagly Veterinary Hospital and Pet Campus partners with Rareview for a unique and strategic vision for the brand moving forward.

As the driver for all performance, brand, creative, social, content, design and development, Rareview is not only the Marketing and Design partner but also a strategic investor in the success of all four Wagly campuses.

Working as both investors and partners, Rareview and Wagly Veterinary Hospital are elevating the pet experience and evolving the relationship between pets and their parents.

Combining years of experience in both top-tier marketing brands and crafting UX/UI engagement, Rareview will focus on creating content-driven brand awareness and development. With these efforts, Rareview will also invest its team into the retail space, helping create an environment that is both safe for the pets and caters to the pet parent. Building an experience that doesn’t exist today in pet care, together with Wagly Veterinary Hospital and Pet Campus and Rareview, are investing in the future, adding technology and conveniences that will modernize the experience.

Showcasing four locations along the West Coast, the Wagly community is poised to expand its market share and presence. With new campuses coming in crucial markets, Wagly will care for your pet in a way that currently doesn’t exist.


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